Why use 99 Technologies for Goal Driven Website Development Services?

Presenting your business online is challenging. A lot of hidden effort is required to develop your website. Having your website provides you with the freedom to express yourself. 99 technologies can fulfill that requirement in no time. We will build the website framework from the ground up. From UI/UX to Back-end development, everything will be per your requirements, with a package of website development services.

You don't have expertise in dealing with web development issues and challenges. Such as hunting a talent pool, feeding inaccurate data, website regular maintenance, website hacking, bad-written SEO, website cost projection, unclear design requirements, etc. These issues need to be addressed smartly using the latest technologies available in the market by consulting a skilled professional team.

99 Technologies, one of the leading website development companies, provides the best tailored and economical solutions for your website design. We meet your expectations to bring life to your digital aspirations.

In this blog, we will highlight three categories of web development based on your business activity with strengths, challenges, and the latest technologies.

These are custom websites, Built-in dashboards, and e-commerce web development.

1. Crafting the Custom Websites

Custom website development means building a tailored and unique website from scratch to meet individual or business goals and needs. This website entails a personalized approach to address specific functionalities, features, and design elements required for client satisfaction. 99 Technologies can design custom websites for the following reasons;


  1. The crown of uniqueness: Tailored customization websites unfold your brand’s unique aspiration story pixel by pixel
  2. Harmony with digital tools: Your responsive website design perfectly harmonizes and fits all types of screens.
  3. Dynamic Adaptation: Custom websites are scalable and expandable to showcase your new products and services with the latest trends.
  4. The sovereignty of your domain: You get total ownership and control over your custom website.


  1. Higher Initial Cost: Website designing is a time-consuming process that makes it costly, even in case of an upgrade, or any bug fixation. However, benefits are more than investments.
  2. Longer development time: It takes time for custom website designing that involves planning, coding, designing, and testing phases.
  3. You need a team of skilled professionals: A team of experienced web developers, designers, and digital strategists is paramount for custom website development.

Latest Technologies in Custom Websites

99 Technologies provides companies with the option to develop custom websites. We provide these key features:

  1. Cybersecurity measures: Implementing SSL certificates, HTTPS, or other advanced encrypted protocols enhances trust and protects user data.
  2. Serverless architecture: It uses cloud technology. The companies using serverless architecture in the business sector, For Instance, are Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.
  3. UI technology: Motion UI is based on a mobile-friendly experience. This is used for better transition effects for animation. For example, Zoom In, Zoom Out, slide, and parallax animation give life to your custom websites.
  4. Laravel: It is a back-end web framework. Laravel has tools for technical research for global and domestic markets.

2. Built-in Dashboard

Built-in dashboard refers to displaying different types of visuals. It is an information management tool to display data visually in the form of graphs, pie charts, maps, tables, and so on. They are divided into operational, strategic, or analytical dashboards. WordPress is an example of a built-in dashboard website. According to W3Techs, WordPress has 43.1 % usage of all websites.

The pros outweigh the cons and the latest technologies make users opt for this type of website development services. 99 Technologies uses built-in dashboards for the following reasons.


  1. Built-in dashboards are user-friendly.
  2. A good Built-in website provides data visibility at a glance
  3. You will need to spend less money on both a domain and hosting.
  4. Provide custom solutions to users and expectations.


  1. Plug-in compatibility issues in the Built-in dashboard can limit the functionality.
  2. Built-in Dashboards Require regular maintenance.
  3. Cannot afford incorrect input data.

Latest Technologies in Built-in Dashboard Websites

99 Technologies provides the option to develop built-in dashboard websites. We offer these key features:

  1. WordPress VIP
  2. WordPress VIP has strict coding standards and is a viable choice for big companies. This advanced technology can effectively manage WP hosting platforms for large corporations.

  3. Parallax Scrolling
  4. Parallax scrolling can make your website more engaging by creating a 3D illusion. It is a web design technique.

  5. Dark Mode UI
  6. The website’s Dark mode UI design improves user experience and website visibility. It saves battery life and reduces blue light.

  7. Voice Search Integration
  8. One of the most popular trends is voice search. It allows users to search for products and services by using voice queries.

3. E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce websites are great ways to market your goods on the digital spectrum. With 99 Technologies you can expect a seamless experience. Here are some of the reasons to go for an e-commerce website.


  1. A User-friendly interface makes it the best option for customers to visit the website.
  2. Payment Gateway Integration has made the payment process simple, efficient, and secure.
  3. Sales Chatbot and Intelligent VA's tools have increased customer support 24/7 by providing them with flexible shopping hours.
  4. E-commerce Website Templates and Designs are made for conversion and speed, helping you sell more with little effort.


  1. E-commerce platforms need access to high-speed internet for an optimal consumer experience.
  2. Regulation and Compliance for online business selling to consumers varies in different countries. This can result in creating complexities in taxation regulation, and compliance.
  3. Consumers Compare Product Prices and Quality when using online marketplaces. It can reduce the profit margin.

Latest Technologies in eCommerce websites

99 Technologies offers the option to develop eCommerce websites. We provide these key features:

  1. Virtual Assistants
  2. Virtual assistants in E-Commerce websites have reduced the engaging costs of dealing with customers. Communication was missing in eCommerce. Sales chatbots and Intelligent VAs perform the same functions on mobile applications, websites, and messaging services like WhatsApp. It is a perfect tool for providing quick answers to FAQs.

  3. E-commerce Inventory Management
  4. The current advanced technology gives an option of incorporating inventory management software with your eCommerce store. In doing so, you will get a clear image of low stock, and current stock, to help you refill products on time. For example, the Shopify platform can manage your inventory.

  5. Order Management Technology
  6. Electronic data interchange technology helps eCommerce merchants and buyers to automatically enjoy the order-making process and receive products through online shopping.

  7. Payment Gateway Technology
  8. Digital wallets are an example of advanced payment Gateway Technology. These E-wallets increase security and ease the payment method, and refund process.

Why Choose 99 Technologies for your Next Website Development Project?

A professional web development company has all the resources to create a website in a shorter period. Take a look at why you should hire 99 technologies to design your custom, eCommerce, or built-in dashboard websites. You will find it significant while reading these worthy reasons.

1. SEO Optimization

Keyword research is important if you want to stand out in the digital spectrum. Our SEO experts are always on the prowl to provide you with keywords that are relevant to your niche.

2. Content Creation

Content is king. For that reason also we have seasoned veterans who curate content for you.

A. Brand Awareness

We write engaging blogs, podcasts, copywriting, and research-based articles to describe every bit of product details for your brand awareness.

B. Channelizes Users to your Website

Our content team listens to the customer's needs. We use real-time and compelling stories that attract and interest countless users.

C. Engage Target Audiences

We work with dedication to producing top-notch appealing content by searching competitors in the market and using real-time customer experience about the product to engage target audiences.

D. Allow users to Click Through your Brand Offering

99 Technologies is focused on generating leads for your innovative brand. Leads are generated through email marketing, blogs, video content, and social media marketing tools.

99 Technologies recommends you try different types of content such as infographics, case studies, customer stories, blog posts, podcasts, Email marketing, and many more. In doing so, social media magnifies your brand lens and online presence.

3. Social Media Integration

Social media integration is a modern technique to give your website visitors a fast and straightforward method to connect with your brand on their preferred digital channel. 99 Technologies offers web development services to multiply your loyal customer number with a user-friendly interface.

4. UI/UX Design

99 Technologies can tell the digital story on demand for your following UI/UX design projects. We are determined to meet the emotional and functional needs of your audience. Just to be more creative and user-friendly we incorporate the latest digital technologies to fit our business model in all screen sizes.

5. E-Commerce Solutions

99 Technologies uses E-Commerce sites with a simple web design so that customers can navigate easily. What makes you curious about our web development services? Yes, you want to capture the audience through your online store instantly.

For example, choose the best eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Joomla, and WooCommerce to meet your needs, resources, and business goals. 99 Technologies provides the best e-commerce marketing solutions.

Final thoughts

If you have any queries about our web development services, contact us. We create WordPress as well as eCommerce Shopify websites. 99 Technologies is your preferred choice if you are looking for a website development company that tailors to your needs.

Stay in touch with us; to grow your business footprint!