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Web Application Development

99 Technologies houses experienced professionals that design the framework of the application, but also the implementation of it. We provide purpose-built digital solutions.

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Dedicated Team

Recruiting and training fresh talent can take time and effort. Try our staff outsourcing services. In a matter of days, you can get competent resources that you can rely upon.

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Digital Marketing Services

99 Technologies Digital Marketing services are one of the best. We curate SEO content and immaculate digital design for our clients.

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About 99 Technologies

99 Technologies is a digital marketing agency that provides end-to-end services to our esteemed clients. We not only innovate the process but upgrade the spectrum as well.

  1. Work with the Top 1% of Developers
  2. Flexible working hours
  3. Friendly environment
  4. Inspiring leaders

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Corporate Clients

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Staff Members

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Satisfied Customers

What Our Clients

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What We Do

  1. We discover, design, and build sellable digital solutions. Our goal is to create rich digital experiences through integrating user feedback into scalable MVPs.
  2. We assume positions as trusted advisers, savvy marketers, and flexible integrators, delivering a full range of full-service assistance, from idea incubation to full-fledged creation.
  3. Whether you desire a managed or unmanaged team, 99Technologies strives to take the pressure off your roadmap and streamline your delivery.

Our Projects

Web Development Team

Diverse Development Team

At Team 99 Technologies, we took great care to redesign the framework for SJ Computers. Our goal was to make them truly unique and stand out from the rest. We're always working hard to improve the user experience.

Recycle Technologies got a significant boost with the help of Team 99. They introduced some exciting new features and made it more accessible.

UI/UX Designer Team

UI/UX Designer Team

UI and UX play vital roles in the digital realm. Team 99 prioritized a flawless design, combining function and top-notch visuals. For SJ Computers, simplicity was key, emphasizing smooth flow. Their work ensures customers savor a seamless experience.

With joy, Team 99 crafted a design that rivals global giants. The website's flow is effortless, akin to counting to 10. AAA Associates' awe-inspiring site boasts top-notch visuals and a streamlined design.

Content Team

Content Team

Content is king and for that reason alone Team 99 has done an amazing job in formulating content for RTI. With informed blogs and up-to-date information, The Content team curates text-based content that is relevant and up-to-date in every way possible.

For SJ Computers, Team 99 decided to forego the most common approach and apply an out-of-the-box thinking. That is why Team 99 created content that appeals to their curious mind.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

For SJ Computers, the Digital marketing team created unique content. The synergy of the images and the text is awe-inspiting. The latter helps the website rank better whereas the former brings an awe aspiring feel to it.

For AAA Associates, Digital Marketing Team not only create content that is relevant to their scope but at the same time helped boost their visibility across Pakistan.

Our Offices
+1 (650) 419-3756
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Our Partners

99 technologies collaborates partnerships with top-tier technology companies to ensure you won't get any cookie-cutter solutions from us.