Why Go for Custom Web Development?

The terms "fonts, logos and color schema" are not just UI/UX jargon; they play a vital role in defining the tone of your business or brand if you choose custom web development.

Granted that their presence helps with website development, you might question the need for in-house development. 99 Technologies believes that an impression is the final impression. Your brand can achieve that impression more elaborately using a customized website design. Our dedicated team has a list of satisfied customers, delivering responsive and high-quality designs.

If you are wondering how web solutions best define your tone of voice, you need to invest in a competent website development team that we have. Read until the end to find out why you need a tailored website and how to get ahead of the competition.

What is Custom Website Development?

Custom website development provides a tailored website solution for your brand and business, highlighting your products and services for better traffic. A custom website is much more sophisticated than a regular or a templated one.

Large enterprises make an intelligent move to always go with custom website development, and rightly so. Due to the extensive customization capabilities of a custom web development company, custom-built websites enhance user experience while building a unique brand.

Apart from the apparent design of the website, a unique website also includes various functionalities. These include fonts, logos and color schema, designs, security, better user engagement, etc.

Unlike pre-built templates, you can choose your favorite font, color, design, functionality, and more. The creative influence you can have while letting a dedicated team handle your website is unmatched by any other way.

Custom Websites vs Already Created Websites

There are thousands of pre-built templates that can help you with website development, but if you are looking for a well-personalized result, a custom approach is a route for you. A pre-built template will give you the website that you need. A competent company such as 99 Technologies can get you the desired results.

Some of the prominent features of custom website development services provided by 99 Technologies include:

  1. Higher flexibility
  2. More customization
  3. Moderate cost
  4. Brands getting slashed time to market

Different from templated web development, you get less customization, flexibility, and a longer time to market.

Benefits of Using Custom Website Development

Here are some of the key benefits of working with a web development agency, such as creating a custom website:

Brand Image

A custom site allows you to reflect your brand's personality through colors, fonts, images and more to create a cohesive experience. This level of branding is not possible with pre-built templates, even if they provide stunted customization.

Website Structure

Our developers have a deft hand with strategically organizing your content and features for optimal user experience and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based on your business goals.

Tailored Features

You can incorporate features that are specific to your industry or niche. It not only improves user experience but can also provide a valuable service to your customers. It is all about minimizing bounce-back rates, which makes custom web development services even more critical for businesses.


A custom website has the added benefits of scalability, i.e., new features, pages and functionality as your business grows. Using a template will force you to redo your hard work repeatedly.

Third-party Integration

It is very convenient to enable third-party integration when developing a custom website. This integration helps you incorporate existing tools, apps, and platforms with your website while reducing development costs.

Site Ownership

Imagine owning all the proprietary code with the power to update or modify the site whenever needed. We saw that happening with Twitter once Musk acquired the microblogging website.

To take full ownership, he had to rely on custom website development, changing the name from Twitter to X to gain full ownership, and tweaking other details. It is what makes working with templates difficult -- you are limited by the platform owner's rules.

Same Version for Different Platform

Your custom site can be designed to provide an optimal viewing experience for site visitors on any device. Given how Google has stricter policies regarding websites which are not mobile responsive, your brand must have an online presence that does not get affected by search engine rules.

Enhanced Security

Since commonly used templates are vulnerable to hackers and malignant attacks, investing in custom web development service is clever: It ensures your code patches up loopholes for potential attackers.


Custom web development is the best business approach for those who seek a robust online presence, enhanced performance, top-notch security, and a competitive advantage in their industry. With the power of customization and a focus on SEO, a custom-built website can be a notable change for your business.

It is a long-term investment that pays off through increased traffic, better conversion rates, and a more substantial brand presence in the digital world. If you are looking for long-term success and growth, custom web development is the path.

By now, we hope you understand how having a custom website is far better than having a templated one. Given how crucial it is to stay ahead of your competitors, you must consider its requirements. 99 Technologies has developed custom websites for multiple clients throughout our journey, making us web development experts. Contact us or get a free quote to experience how our dedicated web development team can help you reach your goals.