What is New in The World of Digital Marketing: September Edition

The realm of Digital Marketing is progressing at a strong pace and does not seem to hit any dead ends. With the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the digital marketing components a new route of possibilities has opened. There are hot trends all around with September being a hotbed of innovations. Let's look at some of the major milestones achieved or aimed to be achieved in September.

The United States gets introduced to TikTok Shop

Good news for digital marketers. TikTok Shop has recently launched in the United States. In the "For You" feed, there are shoppable videos and live streaming. Users may also find things via the search bar, while companies get a dedicated "Shop" option to share information about what they're selling. In fact, TikTok Shop includes all elements of a cutting-edge e-commerce platform, such as reviews, showcases, and a shipping logistics system. And, yes, there is an affiliate program. TikTok Shop works with popular commerce systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

YouTube Ads are Going to Be Longer

YouTube is testing longer advertisements on its TV app. While that is unfortunate news, the good news is that there will be fewer advertisements to accompany the longer advertisements. YouTube looks to improve the user experience while also making money. It combines the finest of both worlds. The length of the new advertisements has yet to be confirmed by the company. YouTube is also testing a new ad timer, which tells viewers how much time they have left to watch advertisements before returning to the broadcast.

Google Bard merges with Google Apps and Services

Google has significantly improved Bard, their exploratory AI chatbot, by integrating it into the Google suite of tools and services. The idea is to expand on what Bard can already accomplish to offer more personalized and relevant responses. Bard may now display useful information from Google products like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, Flights, and Hotels thanks to the extensions. Bard can be used for a variety of tasks, including creating trip arrangements, writing product descriptions for internet sales, and explaining complex scientific concepts.

Google Removes How-To Rich Results

Google previously deleted How-To rich results from mobile search, lowering its exposure to only appear on desktop. However, Google has informed us that the How-To Rich Results have been fully gone. The How-To rich results rely on the How-to Schema structured data to qualify a webpage for inclusion in a rich result. The schema for it can still be used, but it will have no effect on search results.

WhatsApp Channels with Updated Features Available Globally

WhatsApp Channels were introduced in 150 countries with new capabilities such as an improved directory, editing, sending, and replies. The change intends to broaden the types of material available at once within the app, such as updates from businesses, sports teams, artists, and thought leaders. It supplies a secure environment in which users can follow various channels without showing their preferences to other followers. WhatsApp has also developed an official method for communicating directly about product updates.

YouTube Ads Shorts links, Removing links Elsewhere

After cutting links in comments and descriptions, YouTube now allows creators to link Shorts to other videos on their channel. Shorts creators can now direct viewers to long-form content, new Shorts, live streams, and more with this upgrade. This new capability will eventually allow authors to expand their reach even more.

Google’s Prototype Feature Makes Web Pages Faster

Google revealed a new JavaScript runtime that increases web page responsiveness, allowing publishers who use it to outperform their competition in a new core web essential statistic. If this trial is successful, it is possible that publishers across all content management platforms and systems will wish to use it to stay ahead of their competitors.

Snapchat will Remove TikTok as the Fastest-Growing Social Media Network by 2023

Snapchat has experienced rapid growth in recent years. The number of individuals using the photo and video-sharing app has more than doubled since 2018, exceeding the rise of the top social media giants. Although Snapchat is currently far behind Facebook and Instagram in terms of total user count, the app will experience the most year-over-year growth of any top social media platform in 2023, boosting its user base by 13.4%.

Editor’s Opinion

How can these features affect Digital Marketing?

With the world of digital marketing making vital changes in its workings we can hope to see new technologies being introduced. I believe that since most of the traditional marketing has already been overtaken by the digital revolution, we will see an abrupt change in products. It will be easier to broadcast your products and even buy services through the internet.