What can you expect from a Dedicated Team of Graphic Designers?

Graphic design plays a significant role in creating a clear brand image. The more creative and balanced the graphics are, the more it will set your brand apart. It quickly builds an identifiable face for your product or service reflecting your vision. It is wise to invest in a useful design team. Hiring a dedicated team of graphic designers brings clarity.

Our professionals blend the graphic designing components on a digital canvas into attractive and aesthetically pleasing visuals. We are striving to help businesses achieve their digital marketing goals. Our experts use modern tools, resources, and the latest graphic trends in crafting creative designs. We produce consistent and reliable pieces of art for multiple mediums.

Five Essential components for graphic design:

There are five essential components designers follow while making a successful graphic design. Designers evoke desired responses from the target audience.

  1. Contrast
  2. Alignment
  3. Repetition
  4. Proximity
  5. White Space


Contrast is a critical component in graphic design. The purpose of the contrast is to make some elements stand out from the rest. The designer uses different or opposite values of color, texture, size, typography, and shape. Contrast helps designers in creating visual interest, message clarity, and draws attention to an innovative design.


Alignment in graphic design gives flow to the elements. It creates a geometric balance of text, images, and background images or shapes. Alignment helps to create order, balance, or direction in a graphic design. It gives design consistency, harmony, and structure highlighting the items on a digital canvas.


Repetition or pattern is essential for consistency and unity in a design. Similar elements are used multiple times in graphic design. The color, line, typography, and shape create a rhythm. The repetition of the elements reinforces the message and creates a memorable image.


Proximity builds connections and relationships in a design. Graphic designers use proximity to create distance between the elements for logical structure or diverse effects. It enhances visual communication if used wisely in graphic design.

White space:

White space is the area intentionally unmarked or left blank. White space can be any color, background image, texture, or pattern. It is used for elegance and quality user experience. White space significantly enhances the visual impact. It increases user interaction and improves visual hierarchy, clarity, harmony, text readability, and legibility.

Mistakes that distort the message of graphic design:

Bad Color Scheme

Poor color scheme creates visual discomfort for the audience. It affects the emotions and moods of the people significantly. High-contrast schemes give the image a harsh look. If colors do not complement each other, the design becomes unattractive. Color theory is tricky for designers when selecting the combination to influence consumer perception. The lack of business trends, fashion, or consumer behavior may impact marketing goals.

Ignoring the readability

The brand’s message is lost if the text is illegible to read. Using too much text with bold fonts and coloring letters cannot meet the marketing purpose.

Overcrowded design

The complex design by adding too many design elements makes the message difficult to understand. The saturated image overwhelmed the viewer. The focus gets distracted, and an unclear message diminishes the buyer's interest. The confused expression can never communicate the message of the brand effectively.

Why hire 99Technologies Dedicated team of Graphic Designers?

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