The importance of strong and viable onboarding process?

Relationships matter, that is why companies need to make a great first impression. Having a strong onboarding process is one of the key reasons to create a culture in your company that defines you. If you know how to welcome your future resources, then they will think twice if they want to leave or not. For us, a first impression is a lasting impression. That is why 99Technologies onboarding process is one of the best.

Make an Example

We did not become the best overnight. It took time and money to reach where we are. When the company started, we did not even have proper HR. But we have resources that were willing to step up. And that is what happened. Now since the roles have been filled these same stakeholders have become the company's anchors. The onboarding process ensures the resources entering our doors that we are who we are. Not what we are. A durable foundation keeps the building erect for a long time.

Why Choose 99Technologies?

Here are some great ways to build a strong onboarding process. Incorporating them in some form is one of the best ways to keep your employees motivated and committed. This is one of the main takeaways for companies to prefer us for dedicated teams. Our resources are not only self-serving but also highly competent to get the job done.

The whole hiring process is hectic at best. Hiring one resource takes more time than you can imagine. NOW we offer you a better alternative. Why waste time? You have deadlines to meet, and your project will not be completed on your own. Call Us. We will provide you with resources that will get the job done.

Meeting the team

You have many options to make your onboarding process easier. Companies can rely on these to make sure the resources you bring into the fold are happy. You should start onboarding before your new resource's first day on the job. This way the resources should get accustomed to their new surroundings. This also gives you a unique way to inform your new hire about your norms and culture. Making someone feel welcomed is a great gesture. A tour of the office is a good example.

A welcome gift

The next thing you can do is create a company welcome inventory. Sadly, when I joined the company, the only thing is got was a confirmation letter. But do not worry now it has become something of an amazing experience. I think the main reason I will be with the company is because of the people and positive aspirations they bring. To help your new resource be motivated from the word Go, give them a welcome package. A meet and greet is a good example.

HR and the onboard process

HR does a great job and to make sure the onboarding process stays on par you will need the help of senior employees. This helps novel resources understand the company culture. Educate them on the company history and company values. At the same time, it would be wise to get the paperwork done as well.

The Buddy System and onboarding.

We feel the buddy system is a fantastic way to make the onboarding process easier. This will help you as if the new resources have any concerns or queries, they can ask their buddy. You have the choice to make your buddy program formal or informal depending on what kind of resources you are getting. New hires feel a sense of security which helps in the long run. You can also introduce your resources to other segments of your company. By shadowing marketing teams will get your resource insight to what do you do. Fresh eyes are always better.

First Day on the job

A good onboard process involves a great first day. I could say I had a great first day. My bosses were great in every way possible. Sending a company-wide email that introduces the new employee. This helps us employees get to know the new hires. A lunch with other coworkers with new resources is great icing on the cake. Sharing is caring. Check-in regularly is a clever idea. And more than anything else be flexible.


Hire 99Technologies for your dedicated teams. We will give you the resources that matter the most. Our onboard process ensures that you get top-notch talent. We can help you meet your deadlines. As we have them for ourselves.