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We welcome you to the digital Cosmos, where a robust online presence is no longer just an option but a necessity. For this reason, website development services push you to delegate your online web tasks to a leading web development company. From user interface to implementing functionalities, web development is the backbone of this new digital world we navigate daily making web pages visually appealing, functional, and interactive.

The question arises how to solve critical issues of your digital websites? It is the most daunting task. Your website plays the role of communication bridge between your brand and customers. This is something more than your online address designed by a professional web development company. Creative websites attract visitors, making them engaged and converting them into loyal customers. These engaging websites turn your farsighted visions into captivating realities.

As a leading web development company, 99 Technologies takes the lead in transforming your ideas into a digital web that resonates with your audience’s hearts and minds. We do not just build innovative websites; we add experiences that leave an incredible impression in the digital world.

In this blog, we will help you to understand the layers of website development services to create your business credibility and potential customer base. Here we incorporate web development layers into your business website models, indeed a complicated task.

A leading web development company adopts a strategy to streamline three essential layers:

Design, Functionality, and Interaction

Design—Painting Digital Canvas

The first layer is front-end development has to strive hard to enhance the visual and interactive aspects of websites. Developers wield CSS, HTML, and JavaScript-like programming languages, bringing life to websites. It is important for every pixel to turn into a masterpiece both visually appealing and user-friendly.

Functionality- The Secret Engine Room of Functionality

The second layer is the working behind the screen. The back-end development is the secret engine room of a ship, driving the wheel forward. A leading web development company is held responsible for your security, user interaction, and website architecture. For example, functionality toolkits of programming languages must work for complex transactions.

Interaction: Database Technology

A glimpse into the world of the third layer, database technology plays a critical role in memory storage. E-commerce websites represent a dynamic online marketplace. You need to record product details. Such as name, price, or description. Web development companies use the third layer as the brain for data storing, organizing, and retrieval fueling your websites, web applications, and digital interactions for optimum results.

Why choose us for your website development needs?

We care for your web development projects. 99 Technologies has professional expertise in custom web designing and development services with user-friendly experience. We prefer to fit our customers' needs with screens of all sizes. User experience will remain consistent whether using a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Let us explore users' choices with 99 Technologies in web development services.

User’s Choice:

    Global Accessibility:

    Businesses are interested in expanding profits beyond geographical boundaries and want the same business goal. You require a digital marketing store accessible to a global audience around the clock. Just to enable you to connect with potential clients and consumers from every corner of the world. For Example, your boutique is no longer confined to a single physical location.

    99 Technologies offers you the opportunity to have global visibility to earn and recruit beyond the boundaries.

    Data security from cyberthreats:

    Enabling global potential buyers and sellers to trigger the importance of data privacy and security. 99 Technologies implements robust security measures for your sensitive data. We ensure the implementation of all security measures to verify user identity. Our dedicated web development team implements these security measures, but not limited to;

    1. Multi-layered authentication
    2. Fortified encryption protocols
    3. Regular Security audits
    4. Firewalls and intrusion prevention

    E-commerce empowerment:

    Let us dive deep into the ocean of E-commerce empowerment and how businesses connect with consumers. 99 Technologies, the leading web development company, offers you the best-structured e-commerce website. You can highlight your products with detailed descriptions, videos, and high-resolution images.

    Secure and flexible Payment gateways:

    Anyone who desires to buy a product from your collection can choose. With a few clicks, you can add to one’s digital cart. Now, you will think of handling your transactions swiftly. A secure checkout process with integrated payment gateways will build trust in customers. 99 Technologies ensures your data security in dealing with processing these transactions.

Final Thoughts:

Let us reshape the digital landscape as a teamwork with 99 Technologies. From website design to payment gateways, we offer the best web development services for your e-commerce and custom web development. All these benefits will help you to market your products and services at the global level.

Stay in touch with us and let us bring your digital aspirations to life!