Hybrid Mobile Development and Consulting for the Tech Savvy

Smartphones were seen as the single most impressive leap in technology that everyone could afford. Imagine a computer in the palm of your hand and it can do every function that a fully functional desktop computer can. .

In addition to this, you also get the best of other great inventions of humanity all stuffed into a single smartphone. You can take photographs, make films, run businesses, manage communications, play games, and even create products.

While it may look like this should be about the end of it, there are still many ways a smartphone is progressing and advancing in technology.

The concept of applications on a smartphone is what gives it the meaning and purpose of computer features. You have different applications for different processes and activities that you perform.

While some applications are created and fed to your phone by default, there are some that you can download from the store or even create yourselves.

The two most widely used development packages are IOS and APK. IOS is used for namely IOS operating server or iPhone in other words and the other one is APK which is used in the Aid operating system.

Each of these distinct types of applications is unique and provides benefits for their operating systems.

Hybrid Mobile Development

The applications that are produced by development companies are usually only produced for one specific operating system to target a specific audience.

However, there is a new concept of hybrid applications that allows applications to run on multiple operating systems. In the Hybrid application, the program's core is created in web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript ) and then encased within a native application.

These apps can have full access to the functionality of the mobile device by using plugins. We have researched multiple ways Hybrid Mobile Development and Consulting is the right path to take.


Building a single 'hybrid' app for many platforms is less expensive than producing separate app versions for each platform. The method is a true lifesaver and godsend for small firms and start-ups with limited resources.

Easy Integration

The developer does not have to hunt for more specialist libraries of SDKs, APIs, and other tools while creating a hybrid project. The same SDK and API libraries may be used to construct hybrid apps. Hybrid platform applications overcome restrictive situations due to their simple integration and cross-platform interoperability. With 99 Technologies’ Hybrid Mobile Development and Consulting you can rest assured the integration will be smoother and simpler.

Wider Audience

Because native or web apps focus on only one platform, a company misses out on a big portion of the profitable user share from other operating systems. In today's competitive market, focusing on a single audience equals limited growth.

In such cases, hybrid app development comes in handy. With Android accounting for 73 percent of the market and iOS accounting for 26 percent, the total is 99 percent. Going hybrid implies you might possibly reach a larger audience.

Better UI/UX

There are several tools available to help you improve the user interface and design hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are more efficient and speedier, which enhances the user experience.

Furthermore, because the same set of features and codes are allowed across all platforms, there is efficiency. Hybrid Mobile Development and Consulting helps you decide which interface to go for after discussions with our experts.

Easy Maintenance

The disadvantage of developing several versions of an application for multiple platforms is that it requires more resources in testing the apps. Maintaining a single app is challenging; which the 99 Technologies’ team is proficient in tackling.

Hybrid app development, on the other hand, solves the problem with a single codebase. As a result, maintenance is simple, and delivering newer versions and updates is quicker.

Faster Development

The development process is substantially faster than native app development since the hybrid app architecture allows mobile app developers to reuse a big amount of the same code.

Furthermore, with the arrival of React Native, Flutter, Ionic, and other frameworks, hybrid app development has become much easier, quicker, and more efficient.

Since you are synchronized with our Mobile Development and Consulting, you can rest assured that the application will be developed early.

Enhanced Speed

A long code is one of the primary causes of an application's sluggish performance. However, hybrid app development frameworks guarantee faster development because they are based on the ethos of less code and reusability.

Furthermore, because they do not rely on network connectivity, they may run at high speeds even when traffic is heavy. Twitter is a great example of being a hybrid application.

Saves Time

The obvious advantage of hybrid app development is that it saves time. Because the emphasis is on a single codebase, there is no effort wasted on recruiting various engineers, studying multiple libraries and APIs, or keeping and upgrading many versions.

Enhanced Offline Support

Users with limited data plans and a stable internet connection can also receive help from hybrid apps' offline capabilities. They have no performance issues, crashes, or other issues.

Quicker Market Time

Finally, because hybrid app development means creating an application for various platforms using a single codebase, development time is significantly reduced. As a result, the app may be launched at a more rapid rate.

How to get started?

99 Technologies offers you a chance to have a limited Hybrid Mobile Development and Consulting session with our experts. With this opportunity you can get the desired Hybrid application w your standards.