How Can Our JavaScript Developer Team Boost New E-commerce Sales?

It is common knowledge that a JavaScript developer works to optimize webpages on handheld devices (mobile, laptops, etc.) What people need to realize is that they have potential to boost e-commerce businesses. It is the inherent nature of the programming language to enable dynamic and interactive designs, which empowers developers to create beautiful websites.

99 Technologies does not just appreciate JavaScript for web development benefits alone. Instead, we focus on enabling new e-commerce businesses to utilize the power of the developer teams behind the craft that bring life to ideas. We believe in lasting impressions, and for a company, a website serves the same purpose. Customer happiness drives traffic, and good JavaScript developers can help you do so and more.

As it turns out, the higher your website complexity gets, the more resource-intensive it gets. This means more developers are involved with a single project. Hiring a single developer on a freelance website looks very promising. However, they rarely have the experience to handle the JavaScript challenges that office-based, dedicated teams do.

How Can a Dedicated Team of JavaScript Developers Help Your Business?

The prominent benefit of choosing a dedicated team over a remote resource lies in its cost-effectiveness and technical knowledge. Anyone with no prior experience with coding can make a website now. It is only when your business acquires a vast pool of developer resources that are not geographically constrained that you can get the best quality you need.

Another crucial aspect of getting dedicated teams from a company such as 99 Technologies is getting flexibility and scalability. Using a dedicated team, a business can scale up and down based on needs. The team size can be increased or decreased as per needs, which helps companies adapt to the changing market dynamics.

Acquiring a dedicated team to handle all JavaScript development services can be one way to get closer to your goals. It also requires understanding the challenges and finding a team to beat all odds. 99 Technologies stands out in this regard.

The challenge JavaScript brings and how our Dedicated teams handles them?

No programming language is without its challenges. Older programming languages have slower compiling times, and many modern languages constrain their users a lot more, leaving little room for customization. JavaScript has its challenges, which many developers either do not know or cannot bypass efficiently.

At 99 Technologies, we are proud to say that our developer team not only knows how to handle project hurdles but can deliver them on time. The following are some unique challenges JavaScript entails and how our developers develop solutions to help businesses retain their customers.

Browser Compatibility Fixing

The most reported issues with JavaScript are its browser compatibility problems. To make consistency, your e-commerce website should appear consistent on multiple browsers. For example, an application that works perfectly fine in Google Chrome can cause running issues on Firefox or Safari.

Our dedicated team of developers knows where and how to employ browser sniffing smartly, all the while finding ways to find suitable compatibility for the desired website or application.

Optimizing Project Performance

As an e-commerce business, you must maintain load times, rendering speed, and memory utilization. Due to the complexity JavaScript brings to bridge the interactive gap between the company and customers, there are always chances that you can encounter bottleneck issues.

With our dedicated team of JavaScript developers, you can rest easy that such issues will never occur. Our teams are specially trained to use the same language and features in the code. They do so by optimizing DOM -- reducing unnecessary manipulations can result in a smoother user experience.

Handling Memory Leaks

Hiring a novice or freelancer can generate issues with creating memory leaks. These leaks are almost inevitable when using JavaScript. These leaks have four distinct types, which makes it even more difficult for beginner coders. Since JavaScript is a garbage collector language, any unwanted reference can generate a memory leak.

Thankfully, our dedicated team knows from experience that coding specifically handles accidental global variable leaks, callbacks, closures, and DOM leaks.

Our JavaScript Developers makes Error Handling and Logging a piece of cake

Proper error handling is critical for a back-end developer to provide informative error messages while not revealing sensitive information. Additionally, implementing effective logging mechanisms helps in debugging and monitoring application behavior.

Our dev team knows that silencing errors is not handling them well. They ensure that a mistake gets rethrown for any generic error message. They also do not convert these errors into string literals and objects. To understand the need for the ‘finally’ cleanup command and how to call it, it needs to be customary practice to use JavaScript for error logging. Sadly, many developers try to get away with these issues without proper mitigation. At 99 Technologies, your e-commerce business is in safe hands.


Our JavaScript development team can be something other than your own or localized for increased customer rates. A dedicated team can be a true driving force for reaching your goals with their vast knowledge and application technicality.

By focusing on user experience, performance optimization, and technical aspects like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and error handling, our team of developers empowers you to create a website that not only attracts more visitors but also converts them into loyal customers. Our team has learned through trial and error that by leveraging JavaScript for speed, navigation, and personalization, e-commerce KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) like traffic, conversions, and revenue take a significant boost.

Invest in a skilled JavaScript development company, i.e., invest with 99 Technologies, and watch your e-commerce sales soar to new heights.