How can 99Technoliges Content Atomization can make your brand better

Standing out can be challenging. Content Overload is common. You desire a content strategy that matters. One that reaches its potential in time. You require content Atomization. A new content marketing strategy that helps you do wonders. It can make your content reach its potential in ways you cannot imagine.

Content Atomization

The gist of this strategy is content is broken down into small content block for reach. This is a great tool for marketers to create content if they get tired with the long con. During this process, you can create small but focused pieces of content.

Unlike its predecessor the new forms of content might differ, but the target remains the same. The most common examples are turning a chapter in an e-book into a video or taking a case study and creating a poll on LinkedIn. Repurposing content is an old strategy. The biggest challenge you might face is not to make content become stale. This means you must make your content as engaging as possible.

Content Repurposing Vs Content Atomization

Content atomizing and repurposing are two diverse ways to utilize content. Both are helpful when it comes to the situations. How you use them is up to you. Content Repurposing is using the same content and creating a new target. Whereas Content Atomization involves taking bigger content and innovating into a new asset. The original will become the inspiration, but the latter will become the target you desire.

Benefits of content atomization

Our ever-changing digital landscape has become more competitive than you can imagine. If you want to generate brand awareness in a cost-effective way, then content atomization is the way to do it. One of its greatest outcomes is audience feedback. Having a strong content marketing strategy defines you. Here are some benefits you can experience when you put content atomization to the test.

  1. With Content Atomization, companies can start to develop a broader range of content. Using different platforms for publication you distribute it endlessly. You can reach a larger audience
  2. Having Content Atomization for a variety of subjects you can build an authority for your website. Trust is the main benefactors what you can receive.
  3. Engagement with depth.
  4. By publishing content on various platforms, you can expect to improve your SEO capabilities and enhance your overall SERP

The process to add content atomization to your company's marketing strategy is easy as it sounds. For that to happen follow these steps.


To make sure your content has the greatest impact. You need to develop a strategy that will help outline goals, where content should be placed. You need to make content resonate with the target audience.


To set the tone you need to consider ideas that excite your audience. You need to look at the big picture and start developing around it. If you do not have content atomization in place. Do not worry. You need to look for opportunities where you can rely on them.


Long form content is the future. As content is king. Blogs have become the best spaces for this type of content. Remember you must be engaging at every scale.


No, we are not asking you to format your pc but instead suggesting determining what kind of format you want your content to be. It could be text or video depending all on what you want to do with it. Even a 30-second TikTok video can do wonders for the message you want to ask. You require people who have the will to do it.


The best way to make your content have the largest impact. Start from the small content and move towards the bigger one. It is far easier to write about what challenges you may face than talk about the whole subject. To maximize your effort, it would be wise to start linking your previously written content. This for me is simply known as piggyback.


99Technologies is a digital marketing agency that brings content atomization to new levels. Our marketers can expand your reach, build authority, and facilitate your target audience. We think collaboration and careful planning are the way to move forward. We can scale your content marketing effort to new levels. Content atomization is never that easy for us.