Android Application Development Company, A Multi-Platform Ecosystem Enlarges Business Digital Footprint 

Android operating system has a global market share of 71.44% in 2023. It dominates all other operating systems, becoming a popular choice for customers. It has over 2.5 billion active users in 190 nations. The Android App Development Services need skilled developers to stay on top to achieve desirable business goals. It allows you to enlarge your digital footprint and attract billions of users.

Android Developers are playing a significant role in connecting people across the globe. The demand for innovative applications enables users to engage intuitively. It is possible with a highly skilled and experienced developer team to build innovative Android applications or software.

99 Technologies has a dedicated team for Android App Development services. We stay updated with current market trends and the latest technologies. Our experts create user-friendly applications to run on a wide range of electronic gadgets. We develop customized Android Applications to meet customer-specific needs.

9 Reasons Businesses Demand for Android Application Development Company:

Global Market Reach

The Android OS has over 2.5 billion active users. It shows businesses can get the benefit of marketing products to huge audiences. The Android app has a wide range of applications, which further increases its demand among users. It gives your app significant market reach.

Cost-Effective Solution

Enterprises look for viable and cost-effective solutions to save money. It is an open-source platform. It has all modern development tools and resources. Professional developers use these skills and features to reduce time and cost. It has a fast and easy development process.

Well-Designed User Interface

A well-designed user interface helps businesses to show products intuitively. Businesses can achieve remarkable success by connecting people from different regions. The increased engagement increases the chance for business growth.

Customized Applications

Android App can be customized and tailored according to the needs and preferences of customers. The versatility and innovation of Android apps can grab buyers' attention. This flexibility helps businesses to stay ahead of the curve. It offers unique features and services to enhance its brand image.

Chatbots Integration

Chatbot integration allows Android App Developers to create conversational interfaces. It reduces the investment and improves customer satisfaction. Businesses use chatbots in Android Apps to assist customers with product recommendations, transactions, and customer service.

Enhanced Security

Android has built-in security features. The professionals deliver the best Android app development services fulfilling all business needs. The experts implement secure authentication and encrypted algorithms. It helps only access authorized users ensuring data security to enterprises.

Seamless Integration

One of the benefits of Android Apps is their ability to integrate with other Google services and products, namely Google Maps, Google documents, etc. They are easy to develop. It enables all components and services to work in harmony. This integration provides a more seamless user experience.

Target multi-platform

Businesses target multiple platforms for enhanced digital presence. Java language makes it easy for apps to run on multiple platforms. Android apps can be ported to the Chrome OS, Ubuntu, Symbian, and Blackberry. These apps can run on several other devices including tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs.


Android apps have a wide range of applications. They are used for e-learning, file managers, mobile shopping apps, fitness tracking, game development, mobile payments, project management, and many more. The Google Play Store is a hub for millions of Android apps. This versatility and innovation make it the most popular choice in business class.

Why Hire 99 Technologies for Android developers?

99 Technologies has a professional and dedicated team of Android Developers. We focus on privacy and security in creating applications for the Android Operating System. Our experts have problem-solving and debugging skills to fix issues in the code. We help you to achieve future goals and offer cost-effective solutions for small to large enterprises.

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