All That Has Happened In The World of IT and Software: November Edition

A lot has happened since October in the domain of technology all around the world. There have been some major introductions and important changes that may alter the future. The purpose of technology is to make things easier and automate it if possible. With Artificial Intelligence it may well be completely within reach of our hands. Let’s take a deep dive into the major news of November and how I think it may affect us.

Amazon launches Q

A generative AI-powered assistant designed to outperform Microsoft's Copilot assistant. The conversational chatbot focuses on productivity and the company's AWS platform. It allows customers to obtain answers to inquiries about best practices for AWS services and address difficulties straight from the AWS interface. Q will also be able to move apps from older to modern frameworks and programming languages automatically.

Saving effort researching and learning, speeding development with automatic coding support, and improving debugging and maintenance of apps for AWS users are some of the key benefits.

Editor’s Opinion

The introduction of this AI-powered assistant will prove to be a major timesaver for AWS engineers. They can just ask questions that they are curious about without having to screen every single page. Moreover, the automation will also be a great step towards reducing the workforce required in firms. This could cut down the job vacancies in short but then again make room for new job opportunities.

AWS and NVIDIA Announce, Inc. and NVIDIA announced today that their strategic partnership would be extended to deliver the most advanced infrastructure, software, and services to enable customers' generative artificial intelligence (AI) developments

The companies are going to integrate the best of NVIDIA and AWS technologies. NVIDIA's latest multi-node applications with modern GPUs, CPUs, and AI software, as well as AWS Nitro System advanced virtualization and security. In addition are the Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) interconnect, and UltraCluster scalability. All of these are ideal for training base models and developing productive AI applications.

Furthermore, NVIDIA introduced software on AWS to speed up the development of generative AI. The NVIDIA NeMoTM Retriever microservice, which uses fast semantic retrieval, adds new possibilities for constructing highly exact chatbots and summarization tools.

Editor’s Opinion

This unusual partnership could make way for exciting new things in the world of artificial intelligence. NVIDIA has ruled the world of gaming and high-powered systems and with its collaboration with AWS, we can see the much-anticipated integration to AI.

5000-year-Old Tablets Decoded through AI

An AI system capable of understanding ancient cuneiform inscriptions has been shown by researchers from Mainz University of Applied Sciences, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. The study examined a collection of cuneiform tablets from the Frau Professor Hilprecht Collection, which originates in ancient Mesopotamia.

They used a powerful AI model derived from the Region-based Convolutional Neural Network (R-CNN) architecture, a specialized system developed for object identification, to interpret ancient cuneiform tablets using a revolutionary AI approach.

Editor’s Opinion

This technology not only democratizes access to these ancient records but also opens up new avenues for research, allowing for broader analysis and interpretation of historical texts. Future enhancements could extend its application to other three-dimensional scripts, such as weathered inscriptions found in cemeteries.

Alibaba Health $1.73 Billion Deal For Alibaba Marketing Services

On Tuesday (November 28th, 2023), Alibaba Health Information Technology announced a HK$13.51 billion ($1.73 billion) transaction to get the rights to specific services of Alibaba's marketing toolset. Alibaba Health told that the agreement will grant it the rights to various services supplied to retailers of healthcare items through Alibaba's digital marketing platform Alimama, such as checking the qualifications of merchants' marketing materials.

According to a report to the Hong Kong stock exchange, the transaction will boost Alibaba Health's revenue growth and profitability prospects while enabling it to deliver better services to online businesses.

Editor’s Opinion

Since Alibaba health is the product of the same parent group Alibaba, it would streamline the operations on a single note. This would help supply uniformity to the company’s operations. Moreover, this streamlining of operations would help in the company's business processes.

UAE Unveils Locally Developed AI Large Language Model Dedicated to Climate Intelligence

Jais Climate, the world's first multilingual big language model dedicated to climate intelligence, was launched only days before the Cop28 summit in Dubai at the Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence in Abu Dhabi. Before and during Cop28, Jais Climate provides an opportunity to learn more about climate-related concerns.

Editor’s Opinion

This is the first time the Cop is being held in UAE. The COP28 Climate Summit aims to accelerate climate progress on an unprecedented scale. The climate conference will take place from 30 November to 12 December in Dubai. This could start future projects for UAE as a country and power.