A Professional Social Media Marketing Team Expands Customer Social Footprint

Social media marketing promotes brands through engaging content. For companies to stand out from the rest they require a strong social media team.

They require innovative content that drives traffic to the website. Your company is striving hard to achieve social media marketing goals for business expansion. However, facing several issues such as audience engagement, consumer interaction, data privacy, competition, authentic connections, and management of resources.

99 Technologies, an end-to-end company, has a skilled professional team to meet social media goals. We provide digital marketing services to satisfy our clients' expectations. Our dedicated team has the potential to make engaging interaction between you and the brand much simpler. We craft engaging and innovative social media content to raise your brand’s voice and tone.

Why hire a social media marketing team?

A dedicated social media team helps promote your company’s brand. The team creates ads, short videos, infographics, and links to high-quality, and more detailed content that solves customer's queries or addresses trending topics. It saves time for users to handle their core business activities and encounter social media marketing challenges.

What are the social media marketing issues that your company faces?

  1. Audience engagement
  2. Your company must be facing the issue of how to engage social media audiences. Standing out uniquely and capturing your audience’s attention on social media platforms is increasing.

    It is a tedious task to maintain consistent engagement levels while competing with other businesses and influencers for the same target audience.

    If you have an integrated audience, cultural differences, and language barriers can also affect social media engagement.

  3. Consumer interaction
  4. Consumers want to interact with you to inquire more about your products and services. It is a perplexing task to build engagement on your social business accounts. Sparking a productive conversation to share opinions that are of genuine interest to your followers needs extra effort and time.

  5. Increasing competition
  6. You are living in the age of the digital era, where every business face competition. It is necessary to observe the target audience's inclination toward competitors. The problem intensifies when rich and creative ideas for content marketing are saturated.

  7. Data privacy
  8. In this digital competition, maintaining data privacy on social platforms is an issue for many users. Unauthorized data access and leakage can shake user and consumer trust. Once trust is broken, it affects reputation in the long run.


  1. Authentic connections
  2. Making authentic connections to reduce friction for your customers is a challenge that every brand faces today. Consumers want a responsive reply to every single message on a personal or individual level.

  3. Managing time and resources
  4. Social media has evolved in ways you cannot imagine. It is a hassle for many to micromanage social media. It is challenging in every way possible. Social media is everywhere and not having a dedicated team means you will suffer.

  5. Expanding social footprint
  6. It is easy to create the usual social media connection. But to truly set your brand apart you need to develop a plan to generate content for your social media. Building a social footprint is easy, but expansion is where the challenge becomes unreal.

Why choose us?

The 99 Technologies dedicated social media team is the perfect partner to elevate your online presence. Our dedicated team has diverse experience to align social media strategies perfectly with the target industry. We are the ideal choice for the following reasons;

Innovative social media team

99 Technologies' social media team encourages diverse perspectives to share innovative insights and ideas. We value experimentation. Our professional team explores interconnected ideas. We stay updated on social media trends, and emerging technologies to expand the company’s social networking.

Creative ideas for content

Social media content must be highly creative to attract consumers. Our social media team can handle versatile social media platform content to drive website traffic for lead generation.

Adding value to your social media channel

99 Technologies focuses on promoting your brand identity. We incorporate your business goals and values into your content to attract the right audience to your social media channel.

Cross-functional collaboration

Social media is a social platform that connects people of similar interests. 99 Technologies can help you to connect with potential business partners. Social groups can expand your business collaboration with tens of millions of your brand collaboration who find it interesting.

Influence consumer behavior

Social media can significantly influence consumer behavior. 99 Technologies keenly observes consumers' behavior and overall opinions of current trends. We use social media platforms to create spaces for people to voice their opinions about the product. Our professional team has the convincing power to market your brand by ending up with purchasing.


Social media marketing is a powerful digital tool that connects millions. 99 Technologies truly creates your brand's unique online presence. We have expertise in creating engaging content that aligns with your preferred social media account.

Contact us; We can help grab the attention of millions. With us, you can experience excellence.