99Technologies Services: Learn How We Add Value to Your Business

When we define ourselves, we say 99 Technologies services stem from a holistic digital marketing approach, providing dedicated, end-to-end services to our clients. But what happens when you begin developing a digital marketing strategy for a small business? Unlike the gurus and pundits on their social media chanting to get every minute detail done by yourself as a part of entrepreneurial experience, some things are better left for the pros. Turns out digital marketing is one of such things.

With changing times, you also do not choose a traditional marketing venue to get your business the recognition it deserves. Earlier, the business goals were different, which meant that a small reach was enough for the companies. Now, real-time interaction, engagement, and feedback from the audience makes a strong back for businesses, and digital means are the only viable option to achieve all these outcomes.

Choosing 99 Technologies comes with its rewards. We offer modern technological solutions for small to medium businesses to stay competitive, relevant and maximize their growth potential. Our tailored IT solutions and services allow you to focus on daily operations and growth rather than technical hassles, creating value addition and exponential growth.

99 Technologies: Who Are We?

Our approach to small businesses is of a missing link bridging gaps between your own services. We help your business and workforce to get more productive by hitting all the marks. Every other digital marketing company says their resources are unique. We prove it by enabling our resources to be the power of change rather than relying only on clever strategies.

At the core of 99 Technologies services is a commitment to empowering businesses of all scales. The suite of services offered is designed to address the unique challenges faced by smaller enterprises. We offer one-stop software development and digital marketing tactics for innovation of prospect traffic conversion.

These include website and app development utilizing Java, Python and Ruby on Rails (ROR), content generation for web pages and social media, and lead generation. We utilize these resources by imbibing them in your teams as a dedicated hierarchy, giving new startups the major boost, they want. All such services are the reason we enable you to devise your goals to generate targeted traffic, create awareness, and transform leads into loyal customers for longevity.

99 Technology Services: Understanding your needs

Small businesses often lack the resources and expertise to effectively manage their IT infrastructure and digital marketing strategies. They may not have the budget for full-time teams, and they may not have the knowledge or experience to keep their strategies up to date with shifting trends. This can lead to a few rookie mistakes, including:

  1. Limited Reach: When budding companies do not choose a digital marketing strategy, they suffer from limited reach. Our SEO and social media marketing services help get your business to a wider audience for increased sales.
  2. Lack of Measurable Results: With 99 Technologies base of marketing skills, your business can track what is working and what is not for your growth.
  3. Lack of Engagement: Digital marketing services allow business to interact with their customers, to know what they want and cater to that niche.

99 Technologies Services Bring Value to Your Businesses

We think adding value goes along the same lines as improving business practices. A good digital marketing agency can materialize these ideas in the form of sales increase, expanding the customer base, providing and improving quality products and being prepared for unique situations.

At 99 Technologies, we make use of the following digital marketing services to achieve digital marketing value addition:

  1. Web Development
  2. UI/UX
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Content Writing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Lead Generation
  7. Customer Support

Web Development

How buggy does it get when you get to a website, and all you can see are ads? Your business website is the primary asset, and it needs to stand out. Our dedicated team of web developers focuses on bringing life to websites with the help of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript-like programming languages.

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX)

A good user interface results in a good user experience, which is why these terms are always tied together. If your customers can seamlessly navigate through your business website, they have a better chance of becoming a permanent customer. Moreover, UX design and SEO blend together to help the website rank higher in Google search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is understood that lack of search engine optimization is equivalent to shouting in the void. A good SEO strategy not only improves visibility on the search engine front page but increases sales and user retention. Our SEO team has managed multiple business websites, making them rank better through trending keywords and quality content.

Content Writing

It is the content that fuels the search engine optimization, so ignoring content would be another big mistake new businesses make. Writing establishes your business on search engines and social media platforms. It is a great tool to earn links from other established sites and get recommended and shared. Our content team ensures your company gets those content milestones as quickly as possible.

Social Media Marketing

For building brand recognition, generating leads, boosting customer traffic, and improving customer service, 99 Technologies is the answer. We can help your small business connect with customers in real time and create a personalized experience. We help you build relationships and leverage loyalty to new horizons via different social media platforms.

Lead Generation

Effective lead generation requires a deep understanding of your target audience and your strategic approach. The main goal of our lead generation team is to make your mission objective aligns with what you want to achieve. For us, sustainability plays a significant role. For that reason alone, our Lead Generation resources are one of the best in their field.

Customer Support

Our customer support services aid all those that need it. Our process ensures each customer is fully satisfied. We can help on various platforms when it comes to customer support services, providing timely and efficient assistance.

Why are Our Dedicated Teams Unique?

Many digital marketing agencies do what is the bare minimum. At 99 Technologies, we have ready-to-go, custom development teams that can work without any constraints of time. We believe we can take a spin on the outsourcing concept with our dedicated teams, and our happy clients are a testament to that.

99 Technologies rely on dedicated team because these resources can fill special skill gaps in small businesses where budget is bottlenecked. Our professionals become your company’s resources for a project or two. Our teams can help you in the following domains:

  1. PHP
  2. Ruby on Rails
  3. Machine Learning
  4. JavaScript
  5. Python
  6. Android
  7. IOS development

Even though the technical acumen that you desire might feel temporary, our dedicated teams get the ball rolling.

May it be website design, development, and deployment, 99 Technologies helps clients in all the phases of digital marketing. From on-page, off-page SEO, content generation strategies in the form of blogs and guest posting, social media posts and videos, we have a wide array of tools which can bump a business higher in ranks.

If you want to know more about our services, you can get a free quote from the website. Our dedicated teams can truly add value to your business horizons.